About Us

Coast’s core competencies center around the creation of tooling systems used to fabricate flight-critical composite structures used in the latest generation airframe manufacture. Focus is given to medium and very large tools. These systems include large fibre-placement mandrels, lay-up molds, mill fixtures and resin transfer molds.

Tooling systems are typically manufactured from Invar, an alloy of iron and nickel known for its low coefficient of thermal expansion, an essential feature to preserve structural integrity of composites during the cure cycle. Tools are also fabricated from composite materials, aluminium, steel, monolithic graphite, tooling board and other materials.

Key facts:

  • Precision molds & tooling for the fabrication of composite parts & assemblies
  • Largest supplier of Invar molds for composite part manufacture in the world
  • Total ‘vertical integration’ of fabrication has been achieved with the addition of our 115,000 sq.ft. expansion and the addition of the $8,000,000 in capital equipment.
  • Complete design & build capability for larger complex tooling systems
  • All major aerospace prime contractor approvals
  • Currrent major programs: B787, A350, A380, F-22, F-35 and many others
  • 5 axis high velocity CNC Machining Centers dedicated to tooling
  • Real time thermal compensation built into all large CNC machines
  • Complete integration allows manufacturing to operate as a ‘paperless enterprise’ utilizing IMIS (Integrated Manufacturing Inspection System)
  • Laser trackers are used for fabrication, assembly and final inspection
About Us